• For the Culture Market: Building Up Black Women EntrepreneursBy: Courtney Gonzales | January 24, 2020
    Category: Economic Development
    Just BE and The Runway Project co-hosted the 4th annual For the Culture: Black Women’s Holiday Market at Impact Hub Oakland over two of the biggest holiday shopping days, Oakland’s Plaid Friday and Small Business Saturday. Read More
  • Cultivating Change for an Inclusive EconomyBy: Courtney Gonzales, Content Developer | November 25, 2019
    Category: Economic Development
    The Community Capital Conference, better known as COCAP, took place this year at Impact Hub Oakland and the Intersection for the Arts, both community-based coworking facilities. Read More
  • Supporting Women-Owned Micro-businesses for a Healthy Rural EconomyBy: Courtney Gonzales, Content Developer | September 17, 2019
    Category: Economic Development
    With more than 20 years of experience in rural micro-business development, the Jefferson Economic Development Institute (JEDI) doesn’t subscribe to the dire predictions about the declining economic future of rural communities. Rather, JEDI’s experience serving micro-businesses demonstrates the opposite -- that a growing number of individuals, especially women, are starting businesses to supplement their incomes… Read More
  • Niles Pie Building Economic Sustainability One Pie at a TimeBy: Luba Yusim | August 9, 2017
    Category: Economic Development Lending
    Nearly a decade ago, Carolyn Berke, a long-time baker, started baking and delivering pies locally in Niles and surrounding areas. She took orders online and delivered twice weekly to a few local establishments. Soon Niles Pie grew from a part-time endeavor to a full-time bakery. As the business grew, Berke looked for a permanent kitchen… Read More
  • Community Vision Partners with Community Alliance for Agroecology to Connect Bay Area Food Retailers with Central Valley FarmersBy: Luba Yusim | July 10, 2017
    Category: Central Valley Community Vision Updates Economic Development Healthy Foods
    Farm operations in the Central Valley and food businesses in the Bay Area enjoy a symbiotic, if imperfect, relationship.  The Bay Area represents a large marketplace for locally sourced and organic food produced by Central Valley farmers and manufacturers. Though the relationship can be mutually beneficial, small farmers often lack the capacity and finances to… Read More
  • Blog: Updates from Capitol HillBy: Catherine Howard, Senior VP of Programs | June 5, 2017
    Category: Affordable Housing Arts Blog Community Facilities Community Vision Updates Economic Development Health Healthy Foods Lending New Markets Tax Credits Social Services Youth
    Last month I represented Community Vision in Washington, DC, joining Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) colleagues from across the country to meet with legislators and their staff and advocate for continued federal funding for programs that CDFIs leverage to benefit low-income communities. As you might guess, May 2017 was an interesting time to be on… Read More
  • Real world impacts of budget cuts on povertyBy: Luba Yusim | March 30, 2017
    Category: Affordable Housing Arts Central Valley Community Vision Updates Economic Development Health Healthy Foods Social Services Youth
    by Mary A. Rogier, Community Vision's President.  I’ve been thinking a lot about poverty lately. That is probably not surprising, as we recently have been launching some new activities to combat hunger and food inequity, especially in parts of our Central Valley service region where people suffer greatly from lack of access to food.  We’ve… Read More
  • Community Vision Sponsoring March 2017 Rural Justice SummitBy: Luba Yusim | February 20, 2017
    Category: Central Valley Community Vision Updates Economic Development Health Healthy Foods Impact Investing
    California’s Central Valley was transformed long ago into the nation’s most economically productive and intensive industrial agricultural region. Today, it produces more than half of the fruits, nuts, and vegetables consumed in America. While the Central Valley’s agricultural industry is critical to meeting US food need, it comes at a significant price to local residents.… Read More
  • Community Vision Consulting and Lending supports Restore Oakland, innovative economics and restorative justice hub in East OaklandBy: Luba Yusim | February 20, 2017
    Category: Community Vision Updates Consulting Economic Development Lending Oakland
    The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights (EBC) and Restaurants Opportunities Centers United (ROC United) have joined forces to develop and launch a replicable and innovative restorative economics and restorative justice hub in East Oakland. Restore Oakland was developed to address two broken systems negatively impacting low-income communities of color in America: the disproportionate rate… Read More
  • Compensation and Benefits Survey Participate in the Fair Pay for Northern California Nonprofits: the 2017 Compensation and Benefits surveyBy: admin | January 30, 2017
    Category: Economic Development
    It’s 2017: Time to Participate in “Fair Pay for Northern California Nonprofits: The 2016 Compensation and Benefits Survey Nearly 600 nonprofit organizations, reporting on over 30,000 jobs, participated in the 2016 survey, making it the largest and most robust in the survey's 38-year history! Seventy-three percent (73%) of the 2016 survey's participants see hiring challenges… Read More