• BLVD MRKT: Investing in Healthy Food & Economic Development in MontebelloBy: Courtney Gonzales, Content Developer | May 26, 2020
    Category: Economic Development Healthy Foods
    For more than a year and a half, Gentefy engaged the community, including connecting with local elected officials, business owners, and by hosting roundtable discussions. After connecting with more than 250 people of various ages and ethnic backgrounds, it became clear that the community wanted places to go that create an experience; something more than… Read More
  • For the Culture Market: Building Up Black Women EntrepreneursBy: Courtney Gonzales | January 24, 2020
    Category: Economic Development
    Just BE and The Runway Project co-hosted the 4th annual For the Culture: Black Women’s Holiday Market at Impact Hub Oakland over two of the biggest holiday shopping days, Oakland’s Plaid Friday and Small Business Saturday. Read More
  • Vision View: Where One’s Vision is Without LimitsBy: Courtney Gonzales, Content Developer | January 24, 2020
    Category: Central Valley
    When Community Vision began working in the Central Valley in 2008, a top priority was to authentically show up for Valley communities and build reciprocal relationships based in trust and mutual respect. Part of this work included workshops and technical assistance provided by our Consulting team; some of which we offered pro-bono in response to… Read More
  • Update on the Fresno DRIVE InitiativeBy: Courtney Gonzales, Content Developer | January 24, 2020
    Category: Central Valley
    The 9th annual California Economic Summit took place in November, and was hosted in Fresno for the first time. Ahead of the Summit, Governor Gavin Newsom issued a challenge: What would it take to fundamentally transform the Greater Fresno Region by 2030 and create opportunities for all residents to achieve real economic mobility by fostering… Read More
  • Cultivating Change for an Inclusive EconomyBy: Courtney Gonzales, Content Developer | November 25, 2019
    Category: Economic Development
    The Community Capital Conference, better known as COCAP, took place this year at Impact Hub Oakland and the Intersection for the Arts, both community-based coworking facilities. Read More
  • Partnering for a Thriving Central ValleyBy: Community Vision | October 22, 2019
    Category: Central Valley
    Our recent Embodying Equity blog series features a piece on our work in the Central Valley where we share about our approach to beginning and expanding our work in the region. For more than a decade we’ve built partnerships and deployed capital for a range of community development projects throughout the Central Valley including affordable… Read More
  • Supporting Women-Owned Micro-businesses for a Healthy Rural EconomyBy: Courtney Gonzales, Content Developer | September 17, 2019
    Category: Economic Development
    With more than 20 years of experience in rural micro-business development, the Jefferson Economic Development Institute (JEDI) doesn’t subscribe to the dire predictions about the declining economic future of rural communities. Rather, JEDI’s experience serving micro-businesses demonstrates the opposite -- that a growing number of individuals, especially women, are starting businesses to supplement their incomes… Read More
  • Investing in Regional Resilience & Public InfrastructureBy: Courtney Gonzales, Content Developer | July 18, 2019
    Category: Blog Central Valley Community Facilities New Markets Tax Credits
    The deterioration of public infrastructure in the United States, particularly our transportation systems, tends to receive headline news only when an environmental disaster affects a region. During an emergency, public transportation systems can provide vital services including evacuations, transporting emergency response professionals, and maintaining mobility during and after an extreme weather event. Read More
  • Embodying Equity: Exploring the Relationship Between Space & Social StructuresBy: Community Vision | July 9, 2019
    Category: Blog Central Valley Equity
    In urban and rural planning and development, many believe social processes and spatial form to be in direct relationship. Theorists, planners, and developers have argued that changing the spatial form in any region allows for the transformation of social form and structure as well.At Community Vision, we’ve spent the last 30 years working to transform… Read More
  • Embodying Equity: Partnering to Amplify Community VisionBy: Luba Yusim | May 30, 2019
    Category: Blog Central Valley Equity
    Read More