Back in Business Small Business Grant Awards

Community Vision Capital & Consulting is excited to share that the Back in Business program awarded a total of $200,000 in COVID-recovery grants. The grants range from $6,000 – $20,000 and were awarded to 11 small businesses in Fresno, San Francisco and Solano Counties.

As part of a small business development strategy to provide catalytic capital in support of equitable recovery efforts, we blended together two sources of COVID-related funding; a $2 million grant from Wells Fargo’s Open for Business Fund Program and a $1.8 million grant from the CDFI Fund’s Rapid Response Program. This allowed us to provide both loans and grants to BIPOC-owned and led small businesses and nonprofits.

The grants prioritized the geographic regions of Fresno, Stockton, Sacramento and Solano because these areas received less COVID-related support funds than surrounding counties.

Outreach for the grant program involved establishing partnerships with referral organizations that have relationships with local businesses in these priority areas, including Fresno Area Hispanic Foundation, Fresno Metro Black Chamber of Commerce, Alchemist Community Development Corporation, Reinvent South Stockton Coalition, and Solano Black Chamber of Commerce.

The Back in Business program awarded one time COVID-recovery grants to:

Lave Wash Laundry Delivery, Fairfield, Solano County

Lave Wash offers eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and sustainable laundry pick-up and delivery services for a range of clients across Solano, Contra Costa, and Alameda Counties. Lave Wash contributes to its community’s well-being by volunteering with Solano Resource Conservation District replanting native plants, and hosting annual clothing donations. During the pandemic, Lave Wash also provided services to pop-up shelters and preschools that serve essential workers.

The Sayles Group, Vallejo, Solano County

The Sayles Group provides real estate and property management services, including traditional real estate sales, short sales, property management and HUD counseling services.

Kenny G Sign Company, Vacaville, Solano County

The Kenny G Sign Company serves a niche market for commercial real estate signage, and is the only local company that provides these services in the region.

Noonie’s Place, Vallejo, Solano County

Noonie’s Place restaurant & bakery offers breakfast all day and specializes in desserts made from scratch. Chef Ronda uses locally-sourced ingredients when possible, she hires locally, and provides in-depth culinary training to all staff who work at the restaurant. Giving back to her community, Chef Ronda offers a free mobile pantry in the parking lot and grows vegetables to share with the community. She is also an advocate for restaurants to accept Cal-Fresh EBT cards as a form of payment and coaches budding entrepreneurs with starting their own business.

Allay Psychological Services, Fresno, Fresno County

Allay Psychological Services creates safe spaces for people to experience healing, health, and hope. It provides high-quality mental health care and works to reduce stigma toward mental health challenges and people seeking treatment. Allay Psychological Services also offers trainings and mentorship programs to promote health and wellness throughout the Fresno community.

Barker Party Rentals, Fresno, Fresno County

Barker Party Rentals provides a variety of party rental offerings, including bounce houses, water slides, tables and chairs, and concessions. Barker also provides free events throughout the community for young kids to promote fun and movement.

D’s Kenpo Karate, Sanger, Fresno County

D’s Kenpo Karate offers martial arts training for people of all ages. Along with teaching self-defense, their lessons promote discipline and a healthy lifestyle. D’s Kenpo Karate aims to be accessible to as many people as possible; it offers free women’s self-defense classes and free tuition and uniforms when possible.

Joy360 Wellness, Fresno, Fresno County

Joy360 Wellness provides holistic and integrative mental health services that treat the whole person; mind, body, and soul. It offers a range of trauma-sensitive, culturally aligned, and compassionate services for mental, emotional, and behavioral wellness. Joy360 Wellness is a team of Black and BIPOC mental health and nutrition professionals who are passionate about serving communities of color on a range of issues including body image, self-esteem, chronic illness/pain, relationships with food, depression and anxiety.

Xinantecatl Restaurant, Fresno, Fresno County

Xinantecatl Restaurant offers delicious Mexican-American inspired dishes.

Jannat Threading Salon, Fresno, Fresno County

Jannat Threading Salon provides personal beauty and body care services and sells traditional Indian merchandise and accessories. The owner started this business because of her passion for helping women feel beautiful and confident about themselves, and to fulfill the need for a salon and store that caters to Indian women.

Pepito’s Paletas, San Francisco, San Francisco County

Pepito’s Paletas was started in 2017 by Nancy Rosales, who creates vegan paletas, a Mexican-style popsicle made from fresh fruits and juices. Pepito’s Paletas can be delivered or picked up in locations throughout the Bay Area. The small business is a BIPOC and woman-owned cooperative that shares in the profits of the company.