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Community Vision provides socially responsible investors with the opportunity to invest in our revolving loan fund comprised of diverse nonprofit organizations, cooperatives, and mission-driven enterprises. Investors see substantial social returns in their own neighborhoods, while receiving financial returns.

Community Vision

Your investment supports Community Vision’s Lending Program, which provides community-based organizations working in low-income communities with lines of credits, as well as loans for affordable housing and community facilities.

Historical Performance*
Since 1987, Community Vision has maintained a 100% repayment rate to our investors and has made over $190 million in loans to community-based organizations throughout California.

Rates & Terms**
Individuals can invest a minimum of $1,000 and institutions a minimum of $25,000. Interest rates range from 0% to 3.75%, depending on the amount and length of investment, which ranges from one to ten years. Interest is typically paid annually.

Our investors include individuals, banks and corporations, foundations, and religious institutions. All investments, small and large, are essential to our work.

Read our prospectus here.

If you have questions about investing in Community Vision, please contact Eddy Lopez Jr., Investor Relations Associate at or 415.392.8215 x320.

Investment Management

Though investments are uninsured and carry no guarantees, security is provided by the pooled risk that a fund provides, loan loss reserves and Community Vision’s own equity capital.

Community Vision is a federally certified CDFI and has been rated by AERIS, an independent, third-party rating system that assesses loan fund strength, performance and impact. Since 2015, Community Vision received a AA+1 rating, one of the top rating a CDFI can achieve.

* Statements regarding the historical repayment rate is not an inference that an investment in this security is safe, or that continuation of interest payments is assured, or that failure, loss, or default is impossible or unlikely.
** Issuer reserves the right to avoid payment of such interest by redemption prior to final maturity.

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