By Saul Ettlin
Director of Consulting

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Community Vision‘s Consulting team supports nonprofits in working through a myriad of organizational challenges. We understand that our clients best know their communities, and we are here to listen and guide towards solutions. Whether it’s a deep dive on finances to develop sustainability strategies or tackling a tough real estate market to help organizations stay in the communities they serve (our specialty), our consulting practice helps expand access to resources while meeting nonprofits where they are at. We’re responsive to client needs and navigating COVID-19 is no different.

Our most recent offering, a COVID-19 Rapid Response Technical Assistance program, was launched to support arts, culture, and community-serving groups in the Bay Area and Central Valley as they navigate the changing demands and impacts of the pandemic. We are grateful to the coalition of funders who stepped in quickly to make these no-cost offerings available to our community.

As the reality and magnitude of hitting a global pause has sharpened, nonprofit intermediaries and capacity builders rallied and sent out comprehensive lists of great tools and articles with solid advice. There has been so much good material circulating that we knew many organizations with small staff, and who may be feeling the urgency of having little reserves, would have trouble figuring out where to start.

Nonprofits need timely and reliable information to help make important decisions during uncertain times. Through the Rapid Response program, we made access to our expertise, support, and tools readily available at no cost. In just a few days we developed and deployed a strategy that includes highlighting and prioritizing tools that we think are most important now, webinars with timely content to support organizations with navigating the human and economic impacts of COVID-19, and the backbone of the program – free, no barrier, easy-to-book sessions with one of Community Vision’s consultants.

During the 45-minute consulting calls, some of the ways we’ve supported organizations so far include:

  • Provided advice on funding sources, including the Paycheck Prevention Program (PPP);
  • talked through how organizations should engage their landlords;
  • built or reviewed strategies to reduce expenses;
  • explained financial management tools;
  • discussed the use of debt;
  • pointed organizations to funding sources; and more.

Given the extraordinary nature of the time we are in, these calls provide nonprofit leaders with a sounding board to process some of the challenges they’re facing. If you’re interested in learning more about the program, our offerings, and booking a call with one of our consultants, visit

At Community Vision we focus on increasing racial and economic equity in response to decades of structural disinvestment that has positioned communities of color and communities with low-wealth to bear the brunt of any type of crisis, whether it be health, environmental, financial, or otherwise. While it is unclear how long it will be until we begin to feel a sense of normalcy, we do know that the impacts felt now will need a long-lasting recovery response. We are committed to being a responsive partner and will support nonprofits in navigating the circumstance as it unfolds.

If you’d like to setup a time to talk about your unique circumstance, please click here.