Do you want to help the Community Vision share in $5 million worth of grants with just a click of a button? All you have to do is vote for Community Vision as your favorite charity!

Chase is giving away $5 million in grants through their 2012 Chase Community Giving Program and Community Vision is eligible to receive up to a $250,000 grant!  All you have to do is go to, type in Community Vision in the search box and vote for us as your favorite charity! And, if you’re a Chase customer, you get to vote again and receive 2 additional votes! Just go to

With your help, Community Vision can continue in our mission to alleviate poverty by increasing the financial resilience and sustainability of community-based nonprofits and enterprises. But you don’t have much time – the voting period is only through September 19 2012.

So this election season, don’t forget to get out the vote – for Community Vision as your favorite charity!!