Arte Américas, a nonprofit located in Fresno, works to make the San Joaquin Valley a flourishing place for Latino arts and culture. Serving nearly 26,000 people annually, most of whom are low-incomeMexican immigrants, the organization hosts visual arts exhibits, workshops and performances throughout the community. Arte Américas offers its space to small community-based groups for collaborations and is a major stakeholder in the Cultural Arts District of Fresno.

In 2015 Community Vision provided the organization with a $75,000 term loan to refinance existing debt. In addition, Alice Rocha, our Fresno-based Business Development Officer, has been working with the organization around their financial management and facility planning needs. In partnership with students and faculty of Fresno State University’s Construction Management Program, Arte Américas will receive pro-bono feasibility and facility capacity building services over the next year.