There is an increased awareness that our investments are controlled by Wall Street and investment managers that are funneling our money into the old economy, contributing to environmental and social risk. Yet, most of us, while desiring to move our money into the new economy, are not in a position to make direct investments. What options do regular investors have to invest their money in the New Economy?

Among the most promising technologies for relocalizing and democratizing investments are the many new crowdfunding platforms being developed locally to allow broad participation in funding local businesses and the new economy. Investments can take many forms, from loans that pay interest, to zero-interest rate loans, to prepayment for goods. The program will feature a number of local investing platforms and alternative financial institutions providing alternative investment options aimed at supporting the new economy.

Panelists include:
Catherine Howard of Community Vision, Arno Hesse of Credibles, Mark Hererra of RSF Social Finance, and Anne Lufkin of Kiva Zip.
Moderated by Kendra Shanley of Bay Bucks

Wednesday, July 16 at 6:30PM – 8:30PM
Impact Hub Oakland
2323 Broadway, Oakland CA