Mark full image“Architecture isn’t just about putting a roof over your head,” says Mark Jensen, founder and Principal of Jensen Architects. “It’s about craftsmanship; merging functionality with artistic expression.” After graduating from Cal-Poly with a degree in Architecture, Mark spent three and a half years studying and working in Florence Italy, where he learned to approach architecture as the craft of an artisan. A quick glance at the firm’s project list solidifies this ethos; the rooftop garden at the SFMOMA, the Graduate Studies Campus at the California College of the Arts, the Golden Gate Bridge Pavilion, and the Shed Store and Café in Hillsborough are just a few of Jensen’s designs.

Now with the revitalization of San Francisco’s Central Market, many of the arts and cultural organizations Community Vision has been working with in the area are benefiting from Mark Jensen’s unique architectural design style. Mark has joined a number of other architects who are part of the 1% Project, a pledge from architecture and design firms to donate a minimum of 1% of their time to pro bono service to nonprofit organizations in need of design assistance.

With the generous donation of Mark’s time, SF Camerawork and the Luggage Store Gallery boast beautiful open spaces interspersed with sculptures and strategically placed walls, adorned with the work of local artists. “Many cultural organizations aren’t profitable and usually lack the resources needed when they need to make changes to their space,” says Mark. “I think it’s important to be connected to your community and to give back when you can. Working with these organizations is the best way for me to do that.”