Join us at the 2016 Opportunity Finance Network (OFN) Conference in Atlanta, GA from October 24-27, 2016. We’re participating in three exciting panels:

Social Purpose Real Estate: The Nonprofit Multi-Tenant Center Approach 
Presenters: Stephaney Kipple, Community Vision, Lara Jakubowski, The Nonprofit Centers Network, Linda Ellis, Atlanta Health Initiative
Tuesday, October 25th: 2:15pm – 3:45pm

Without some kind of ownership, nonprofits will always be at the will of the ebbs and flows of the real estate market. Furthermore, if nonprofits don’t have the space they need to perform their work, or can’t be located in the communities they serve, their impact decreases dramatically. Social Purpose Real Estate (SPRE) keeps community services near the people they serve regardless of the state of the commercial real estate market. Nonprofit Multi-Tenant Centers have proved to be a viable SPRE model that can achieve community benefit a blended value of returns. Participants will learn how Nonprofit Multi-Tenant Centers allow nonprofits to have ownership or stake in SPRE that goes beyond temporary office space solutions, while also increasing nonprofit effectiveness. CDFI participants will learn about how by investing in shared spaces for nonprofits, CDFIs can support the foundation that lies at the base of the nonprofit sector.
Track: Community Facilities and Commercial Real Estate

Test a Loan Impact Rating System
Presenters: Catherine Howard, Community Vision, Ross Culverwell, Community Vision, Colby Dailey, Build Healthy Places Network, Tom Woelfel, Pacific Community Ventures, Kavita Gobburi, Community Vision
Tuesday, October 25th: 4:15pm – 5:30pm

Do you think your CDFI could make loans that are more aligned with your mission? Are you interested in developing a rating system that evaluates the impacts of loans according to your organization’s mission and values? Do you want to have an empirical method to compare the impacts of your loans, facilitate greater risk-taking, enable impact-based pricing, or allow your organization to measure how well it is meeting its impact goals? Join Pacific Community Ventures and Community Vision at this highly interactive session focusing on the development and implementation ofa robust impact rating system. Learn how Community Vision and PCV partnered to create a rating system based on organizational values and goals. Score real loans in real time to understand how the rating system works in practice. Gain insight into what it takes to implement a rating system and hear how it can make your organization’s culture more impact-focused.
Track: Measuring Impact

Sabbiticals as Leadership Development
Presenters: Mary Rogier, Community Vision, Lea Salem, Community Vision, Julie Eades, New Hampshire Community Loan Fund, Debby Miller, New Hampshire Community Loan Fund, Joan Brodhead, Community First Fund,  Adam Zimmerman, Craft3
Wednesday, October 26th: 2:30pm – 3:45pm 

Learn about a cost-effective way to develop leadership at all levels, improve organizational resilience, and retain talented staff. Hear how several CDFIs have designed and implemented sabbatical policies. Interact with CDFI staff who have taken sabbaticals or covered for colleagues, including both CEOs adn non-CEOs, and how to prepare for a sabbatical to achieve maximum results for the organization. Learn how to make the case for this personnel policy to your Board, what problems it can solve and why it’s even better for the organization than for the staff who think it’s a fabulous benefit.
Track: Financial Management and Operations

See the full conference schedule here.