Baker Places Inc.– San Francisco
$350,000 Line of Credit

Baker Places is a transitional residential community of PRC. The line of credit helps to manage cash flow and bridge receivables from government contracts.

Berkeley Food and Housing Project – Berkeley
$225,000 Line of Credit Renewal

Berkeley Food and Housing Project works to ease and end homelessness, they envision communities where everyone has access to affordable housing, as it is a fundamental human right. This line of credit renewal helps to manage cash flow and bridge government contracts that are received through reimbursements.

Walnut Avenue Women’s Center – Santa Cruz
$1,081,857 Facilities Term Loan

Walnut Avenue Women’s Center is a nonprofit that has been a part of the Santa Cruz community since 1933, helping women, children and families lead healthy, happy and productive lives for themselves and the community, by providing an array of services from pre-school to youth counseling to working with survivors of domestic violence. This loan is a refinance of an existing loan from Community Vision and has enabled the organization to retain its staff and continue its work throughout the pandemic.


Oakland Public Conservatory of Music – Oakland
Facility Planning

Oakland Public Conservatory of Music’s envision’s Oakland’s diverse communities will make and hear music everywhere. This consult supported lease negotiations, analyzing financial systems, and strategic guidance on potential pivots in programming due to COVID.

We Wield the Hammer – Oakland
Facility Planning

We Wield the Hammer exists to support young women of African descent in learning metalsmith and offers opportunities for artistic equity, economic empowerment and access to a vocation that is traditionally unavailable to women. This consult provided referrals for realtors and maker spaces in Oakland for We Wield the Hammer to find a space for their programming.

The Marsh – Berkeley
Real Estate Advisory

The March has offered live theater performances in the Bay Area for more than 30 years. The COVID-19 pandemic forced the theater to cancel live performances, resulting in revenue losses. This real estate advisory provided cashflow forecasts and resulted in successful lease negotiations.

Transgender Law Center – Oakland
Facility Planning

The Transgender Law Center is the largest national trans-led organization advocating for a world in which all people are free to define themselves and their futures. This consult supported the organization with developing a lease negotiation strategy and evaluating space needs to identify potential real estate options.

Alena Museum – Oakland
Facility Planning

Alena Museum, which translates to ‘we are here’ in the African language Tigrinya, is a work hub for arts and social enterprise, dedicated to advancing the cultural richness of the African diaspora through entrepreneurship. This mini-consult included training on researching zoning and allowable use information, market research on comparable buildings, support in developing business terms for a potential lease or purchase agreement. The organization also received resources for creating a multi-year building management and financial model proforma and a historic financial trend analysis.

Korean American Community Center – San Francisco
Facility Planning

The Korean American Community Center provides community resources and services for families and elders who live in San Francisco. The organization received grant funds from the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development (MOHCD) for roof repairs and Community Vision partnered with both organizations throughout the procurement and construction process to meet the rules and regulations for using capital grant funds.

Critical Resistance – Oakland
Facility Planning

Critical Resistance seeks to build an international movement to end the Prison Industrial Complex. The organization acquired a 7,000 square-foot commercial building, located on Telegraph in Oakland’s Temescal District, that they will turn into a multi-tenant nonprofit center for abolitionist organizations. We helped the organization create a tenant improvement plan for the project, including putting together a project budget, a real estate development team, and considered various strategies for a capital campaign.