SOMA Cultural Anchor Fund

Community Vision Capital & Consulting is excited to announce that the SOMA Cultural Anchor Fund awarded a total of $540,000 in capital grants to Kulintang Arts Inc (KULARTS) and Bindlestiff Studio. These awards are supported by the San Francisco Arts Commission and administered by Community Vision. A Facilities, Arts and Communities Experts (FACE) panel assisted with reviewing applications and making funding recommendations. The FACE panelists are local leaders in arts, culture, and community development who bring unique industry perspectives and experiences.

The SOMA Cultural Anchor Fund awarded one time capital grants to arts and culture nonprofits that have been adversely affected by the 5M development project, and who have deep roots in the SOMA community. KULARTS was awarded a grant of $419,150 and Bindlestiff was awarded a grant of $120,850.

Kulintang Arts Inc (KULARTS)

Founded in 1985, KULARTS presents contemporary and tribal Pilipino arts, makes visible the contributions of Pilipino Americans, and creates room for cultural continuity and knowledge. With more than thirty five years of service, KULARTS is a leading elder arts organization. They unite generations of artists and community activists in a common effort to build a collective space and sense of belonging within San Francisco; specifically the SOMA Pilipinas: Filipino Cultural Heritage District.

Bindlestiff Studio

Founded in 1989, Bindlestiff Studio produces Pilipinx-centered performance programming and is the longest running community black-box theater in the SOMA neighborhood. The organization cultivates artists who reflect and celebrate the diverse values, traditions, and histories of Pilipinx cultures through bold artistic expression and community engagement. Bindlestiff also rents their theater to local artists and artistic organizations, where attendees can expect to experience a diversity of art forms including comedy, shadow plays, traditional Pilipinx dance, podcasts, and more.