Sacramento Self Help Housing is a non-profit organization that works to improve the living conditions and increase the self-sufficiency of individuals living at or below the poverty level in the Sacramento area.  Sacramento Self Help Housing operates through two programs: Housing Resources and Friendship Housing.  Every month, Housing Resources obtains information regarding rental cost, policies and vacancies for over 300 housing complexes.  The SSHH staff addresses the housing needs of over 200 people by utilizing this information to make appropriate housing referrals.

SSHH offers several housing options including rental housing, emergency shelters, recovery programs, shared rentals and transitional housing. Residents of SSHH programs have been enjoying Healthy Cooking classes in their homes by nutritionist, Hawley Allen, who has been documenting the classes to help communicate the importance of a healthy diet.

Community Vision provided a $75,000 line of credit to Sacramento Self Help Housing that will serve as an important tool to help the organization more effectively manage cash flow when it faces delays in contract reimbursements. This line of credit will enhance the organization’s ability provide essential services to a highly marginalized population whose needs are as pressing as ever, given the current economy.