Community Vision’s staff recently toured the Institute on Aging and our loan associate, Sheilla Sakota, shares her impression:

“I recently visited the Institute on Aging facility and Love it. Did I say I love it? Who wouldn’t love the facility when the staff is very personable, friendly, and knowledgeable. I would love to stay in a place like this.

The first thing I noticed is the open and welcoming lobby and the glass/wood staircase.  I love how it wraps around the core of the building like a huge tree protecting the life of itself.  The glass tile mural (made with over 1 million glass tiles) of the Tree of Life is so beautiful.  The stairs interest me on a personal level.  Stairs can have meaning in all different parts of our lives.  In mine, it means connecting with friends and families.  I believe we want to protect our loved ones throughout our lives, especially our parents.  We want them to feel comfortable, loved, and cared for at all times.  IOA offers all this with the extra benefits of giving their time and talents for the residents here.

We sometimes forget the stairs because we want to get there faster by using the elevator.  The stairs might be slow and occasionally strenuous, but you never know who you’ll meet in the middle. You can also benefit from a little bit of exercise and help save energy.  We should take advantage of using the stairs while we are still able because at some point when we are no longer able we will surely miss it.  Like our family we should take time to be with them while they are close by.  A phone call or a visit will not hurt.  Show our love to them as much as possible.  Maybe you can write or send flowers.  For those of you that are very creative, you can crochet or knit for that special loved one. If you scrapbook, make a page or an album.  There are so many ways we can show our love to our families, so many ways to connect with them even when they are thousands of miles away.  The glass on the stairs is being cleaned on a regular basis.  In a similar fashion, we also need to communicate with our family on a regular basis.

A smile can change a person’s whole perspective on life on the day that you give your smile away.  A “Hello” and “Hi” can make a big difference to someone that is very lonely that day. A hug can make that someone feel loved.  The little things that matter most are the most effective ways of making a difference in our environment.  Don’t forget to use the stairs sometimes for in them lies greater opportunities around each corner to make someone feel loved.”