Join us to learn about exciting and innovative tools for rural economic development projects in Northern California.


September 15, 2015 – 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Masonic Lodge
1110 W. East Ave.
Chico, CA 95926

What: As necessity is to invention, scarcity is to creativity. In rural counties throughout Northern California, the need for financial resources and innovative ideas is even more critical following the convergence of events that have eliminated many of the familiar tools and partners. The loss of Redevelopment, continued banking consolidation, population decline and residual fallout from the economic downturn have had serious consequences on the economic health of rural communities. What is now required is for local leaders to think creatively about new sources of capital and building strategic partnerships that will allow small towns and communities to reinvest in their future.

Topics Covered:
Catalyst Fund, Participation Loans with Local Lenders
Learn about Community Vision’s newly-launched Catalyst Fund, which provides small grants and affordable working capital to nonprofits in the earliest stages of their real estate projects. Community Vision also collaborates with other regional loan funds to grow their lending pools to serve the needs of local projects.

Sources of Economic Development Project Equity: New Markets and Historic Preservation Tax Credits
Inspiring Case Studies of recent high-impact local economic development projects will be presented illustrating the use of New Markets and Historic Preservation tax credits as a vital source of equity to finance projects. An update on recently introduced bills at the California Legislature to create a state New Markets Tax Credit and Historic Preservation Tax Credit will be discussed.

Collaboration: Investing in Ourselves and in Our Communities
3CORE and the North Valley Community Foundation will share their experiences and plans to harness the new economic reality by using networks, intermediaries, partnerships, financial institutions, and people to empower communities to invest in essential place-based priorities.

Asset-Based Community Development: Community Health and Rural Capacity
This approach to community development identifies and connects local assets in the form of existing individuals, associations, institutions, physical space, economic life, and local culture. ABCD offers a way of building the social capital of a community that any financial capital requires to be effective. This session will include examples from local communities and first-hand stories from local leaders that are making a difference in their small towns.


Marc Nemanic, Executive Director at 3CORE, Inc
President, California Finance Consortium

Lena Robinson, Regional Manager
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Dan McDonald, Deputy Director of Lending
Community Vision 

David Wilkinson, Real Estate Consultant
Community Vision

Ron Dwyer-Voss, Principal
Pacific Community Solutions, Inc 

John Kurhy, Executive Director
Economic Development & Financing Group

Alexa Benson-Valavanis, CEO
North Valley Community Foundation

Co-sponsored by Community Vision, 3Core, Inc., and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.