For over 40 years, Anka Behavioral Health, Inc. has been working to provide people with behavioral and mental health problems with opportunities to thrive in their communities. Serving over 15,000 people annually across California and Michigan, Anka’s philosophy is rooted in treating the whole person by fully integrating care of both mind and body. With the goal of supporting individuals in living healthy, happy, and productive lives in their communities, Anka focuses on providing support services that are tailored to help individuals regain self-sufficiency, achieve recovery, and improve their health.

In 2011, Anka was awarded a $1.75M Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) grant from the California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA), which is being used to purchase and renovate up to three single-family homes in Contra Costa County. In partnership with the Golden State Acquisition Fund, Community Vision made a $305,000 acquisition loan to Anka to meet its need for bridge financing while awaiting MHSA award disbursements from CalHFA.

Each home will house up to four adults with serious mental health issues who are homeless, or at risk of being homeless. For Anka, these homes are critical as they believe it is imperative to meet an individual’s basic needs, such as food and shelter, before they can benefit from additional support services. The homes will be anchored throughout the community, and each home will have a housing manager who will provide ongoing support, as well as access to community resources and opportunities to residents.