• California FreshWorks Fund Update & Listening SessionBy: guest access | July 28, 2016
    Category: Central Valley Healthy Foods Lending
    Join us in Fresno to hear an update on the California FreshWorks Fund and provide input on how we can better support the financing needs of healthy food enterprises. We welcome local food enterprises, advocates, investors and community development professionals who might take advantage of FreshWorks as a healthy food financing tool.   Únase a… Read More
  • Community Vision new Program Executive of California FreshWorks FundBy: admin | June 14, 2016
    Category: Community Vision Updates Healthy Foods
    Community Vision is delighted to be the new executive of the California FreshWorks Fund, a healthy food financing initiative that has invested over $70MM in improving healthy food access in California’s low-income communities. As the new executive of FreshWorks, Community Vision will build on the significant successes the Fund has already achieved over the last… Read More
  • Cilent Spotlight: Ag Link, IncBy: admin | June 14, 2016
    Category: Central Valley Healthy Foods
    Ag Link is a food hub and aggregator located in Ballico (Merced County). Ag Link connects products from local farmers and producers to institutional buyers, with a focus on Unified School Districts. Ag Link serves as an important connector in the regional food system, growing the marketplace for local producers, while creating an opportunity for… Read More
  • California FreshWorks Yields Healthy ReturnsBy: admin | June 14, 2016
    Category: Community Vision Updates Healthy Foods
    Independent Study Finds that Food Financing Initiative  Increases Access to Fresh, Affordable, and High Quality Food While Creating Jobs in “Food Deserts” Evaluators Say Initiative Already Making a Difference and Positioned for Greater Success Ahead   Los Angeles—An independent evaluation of California FreshWorks finds that the program has increased access to healthy food and produced… Read More
  • New Grocer Coming to Northwest FresnoBy: admin | June 13, 2016
    Category: Healthy Foods Lending New Markets Tax Credits
    Community Vision, the Program Executive of the California FreshWorks Fund, has provided $6MM in NMTC financing to support the development of a new, 45,000 sqft, full-service Vallarta Supermarket in northwest Fresno. The new supermarket will bring quality food options to a neighborhood with very limited access to fresh foods. This will be Vallarta’s third store in Fresno,… Read More
  • Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco funds economic opportunities for formerly incarcerated people through sustainable urban agriculture through Community Vision sponsorshipBy: admin | November 3, 2015
    Category: Economic Development Health Healthy Foods Oakland
    We are pleased to be partnering with Oakland-based nonprofit Planting Justice by supporting the urban agriculturalists in obtaining a $40,000 grant through the Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB)’s Access to Housing and Economic Assistance for Development (AHEAD) program. Through our membership with the FHLB, Community Vision was able to sponsor Planting Justice for this funding, which… Read More
  • Healthy Foods: Increasing Expertise through Partnership and CollaborationBy: admin | September 2, 2015
    Category: Central Valley Economic Development Healthy Foods Lending
    Cross-posted from the Healthy Food Access Portal Despite being nestled amid the country’s most lucrative agricultural sector, California’s Central Valley and Central Coast experience high rates of poverty, unemployment, and homelessness. This area, one of the country’s richest, generating nearly $5.3 billion in revenue from agriculture, paradoxically contains some of its poorest counties. Over the… Read More
  • Other Avenues Natural Food Cooperative – Promoting Vibrant NeighborhoodsBy: admin | July 27, 2015
    Category: Healthy Foods Lending San Francisco
    Other Avenues Natural Food Cooperative, a cooperative grocery store located in San Francisco’s Sunset neighborhood, provides affordable, accessible, healthy, and sustainable food products. Since its opening in 1974, Other Avenues has been driven by the goal of supporting and promoting sustainable communities. It has been a fully worker-owned democratic cooperative since 1999, and its workers… Read More
  • Hacking Economy Summer Series: Local Investment Options for EveryoneBy: Luba Yusim | May 28, 2015
    Category: Healthy Foods Impact Investing Oakland San Francisco
    There is an increased awareness that our investments are controlled by Wall Street and investment managers that are funneling our money into the old economy, contributing to environmental and social risk. Yet, most of us, while desiring to move our money into the new economy, are not in a position to make direct investments. What… Read More
  • Food for Change Screening in FresnoBy: Luba Yusim | February 20, 2014
    Category: Central Valley Community Vision Updates Health Healthy Foods Past Events
    Join us for an exclusive screening of Food for Change, a feature-length work-in-progress documentary film focusing on food co-ops as a force for dynamic social and economic change in American culture. The film tells the story of the cooperative movement in the U.S. through interviews, rare archival footage, and commentary by the filmmaker and social… Read More