united-way-logoMany people join the Board of a nonprofit because they care deeply about the issue an organization is addressing. But, what is the role of the Board of Directors, and how many people know what their duties are once they are on a Board?

To help answer these questions, Community Vision has been invited by United Way of Tulare County to present a series of three Board Leadership workshops from October through December. The workshops will provide a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the role the Board of Directors plays in the success of a nonprofit organization.

The October workshop, Fiduciary Responsibilities of Board of Directors, will cover the governance and fiduciary responsibilities of the Board, as well as compliance requirements, financial concepts, and an overview of income statements and balance sheets.

The November workshop, Mission, Money and Financial Statements: A Board’s Role, will cover how to align mission with the goals and budget of their organization. The workshop will also review program budgets, contingency planning and how to analyze budgets, income statements and balance sheets.

The final workshop in December, Board Oversight: Fraud Prevention and Audits, will look at the Board’s role with their organization’s auditor, internal controls and Board oversight.


By defining the critical role a Board of Directors’ plays in a nonprofit, organizations can strengthen their sustainability within their communities and become a cornerstone of positive change. Community Vision is proud of the work we have done in the Central Valley so far, and we look forward to building a strong coalition with the local community organizations that are striving to revitalize the Central Valley.