Other Avenues StoreOther Avenues is a worker-owned food cooperative in San Francisco’s Outer Sunset district where only the workers are members.  Workers manage the business democratically by making business decisions using the consensus model. Other Avenue’s mission is to provide food and supplies for sustainable lifestyles, supporting organic and local farms, and serving as a model for workplace democracy. Its products are locally and humanely sourced from suppliers with fair pricing and labor practices.  The store also serves a full range of income levels and has a 15% discount for seniors, as well as health education seminars for the public.

Other Avenues diverts 83% of all solid waste from landfill to either recycling or compost, and uses energy efficiency methods in store operations, such as LED lighting in refrigerators. The Co-op was Green Certified in 2007.

In 2008, Other Avenues purchased its building, which it had operated in since 1987. The organization received a $1,065,000 community facility loan from Community Vision that will be used to refinance an existing mini-permanent loan and buy out the building’s minority partners, who are also worker owners.

Through ownership of its building, Other Avenues provides a stable base to operate its business and serve the community without the threat of a takeover by another grocery business or eviction by a property owner and can continue to provide a diverse product range to meet the community’s needs.