organizational announcement

Community Welcomes Chris Nickles, Interim CFO

This week Community Vision welcomes Chris Nickles as the interim Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Chris joins us from vcfo, a financial and HR consulting firm, where she works as a Consulting CFO and supports organizations with strategic financial objectives and operational performance. Chris brings more than 15 years of experience as a CFO and Accountant to our executive management team.

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SOMA Cultural Anchor Fund

SOMA Cultural Anchor Fund Awards $540,000 in Capital Grants

Community Vision Capital & Consulting is excited to announce that the SOMA Cultural Anchor Fund awarded a total of $540,000 in capital grants to Kulintang Arts Inc (KULARTS) and Bindlestiff Studio. These awards are supported by the San Francisco Arts Commission and administered by Community Vision. A Facilities, Arts and Communities Experts (FACE) panel assisted with reviewing applications and making funding recommendations. The FACE panelists are local leaders in arts, culture, and community development who bring unique industry perspectives and experiences.

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Community Vision announces $3 Million Awarded to Support BIPOC-led Real Estate Acquisition

$3 Million Awarded to Support BIPOC-led Real Estate Acquisition

We are thrilled to announce $3 million in real estate acquisition grants to five community-based performing arts groups. These awards are funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and administered by Community Vision, with the intention of stabilizing and advancing performing arts throughout the Bay Area, especially in historically disinvested communities.

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Welcome Jonathan Taylor, Community Vision’s VP of Capital Solutions

We’re excited to welcome Jonathan Taylor to Community Vision as the Vice President of Capital Solutions. In this newly created position, Jonathan leads our recently re-envisioned Lending Department, which is now Capital Solutions. This department utilizes a restorative approach that intentionally directs capital to enterprises and projects that increase local wealth creation and power building in historically disinvested communities of color.

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Community Vision Receives $1.125 Million Award from the CDFI Fund

Community Vision is excited to announce that we were awarded a total of $1.125 million from the Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) Fund. The CDFI Fund, a program of the U.S. Treasury, awarded 265 CDFIs $180.3 million in Financial Assistance and Technical assistance grants and loans. Community Vision’s award includes $525,000 for Financial Assistance, $100,000 for Persistent Poverty Counties, and $500,000 for Disability Funds.

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Community Vision's staff and team updates

Community Vision Welcomes New Team Members & Staff Updates

We are thrilled to welcome five new staff to Community Vision. These individuals bring exceptional talent, a diverse range of experiences, and a commitment to serving their communities. Welcome to the team, Sola Ajimatanrareje, Paul Dong, Sabrina R. Kelley, Stella Moore, Karnit Mouchly, and Marla Victorio! We are also excited to announce that Maria Rosado, formerly Community Vision’s Director of Lending Operations, has been promoted to Vice President of Internal Relations.

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Community Vision announces $714,000 in post covid reopening grants for san francisco arts nonprofits

$714,000 in Post-COVID Reopening Grants Awarded to 69 San Francisco Arts Nonprofits

We are pleased to announce $714,000 was awarded to San Francisco art and culture nonprofits for post-COVID physical and virtual reopening. These awards, part of the San Francisco Arts Reopening Fund, support organizations that practice and perform artistic and cultural forms of creative activity, expression, preservation, and community wellness, and are reflective of the communities they serve.

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Elizabeth Boardman

Investor Spotlight: Elizabeth Boardman

Financial gain isn’t the motivation behind investment for Elizabeth, but rather, it is the belief that humans can and should support the well-being of each other and of the Earth. Her approach to investment is also rooted in her pacifist values as a Quaker. Acting on those values Elizabeth advocates for utilizing capital for the betterment of California’s communities.

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The California FreshWorks’ Social and Economic Impacts 2018-2020 report, authored by Pacific Community Ventures, examines the development and implementation of California FreshWorks from 2018 through 2020.

California FreshWorks’ Social & Economic Impacts Report

The California FreshWorks’ Social and Economic Impacts 2018-2020 report, authored by Pacific Community Ventures, examines the development and implementation of California FreshWorks from 2018 through 2020. As administrators of FreshWorks, Community Vision took a community-centered approach to healthy food financing by listening to the ideas and solutions of local leaders who are working for an equitable and sustainable food system that nourishes all communities.

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